Business Disability Forum Discusses Workplace Adjustments and Collaboration for Inclusive Practices

Antonio Santos
3 min readJul 10, 2023

In a recent episode of AXSChat, Antonio Santos, Neil Milliken and Debra Ruh welcomed Lucy Ruck, the Tech Taskforce Manager of Business Disability Forum (BDF). The discussion focused on workplace adjustments, the importance of collaboration, and the need for positive conversations within the disability community. BDF, a UK-based organization with an international reach, has been at the forefront of promoting disability inclusion in the business sector. Lucy Ruck shared valuable insights on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in the workplace and the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment.

Interview with Lucy Ruck

The Power of Collaboration: The conversation highlighted the collaborative approach taken by BDF, which sets it apart from other organizations. BDF works closely with corporate brands, providing guidance and resources to help them develop effective disability inclusion strategies. Their emphasis on collaboration and support has made a significant impact on promoting inclusive practices. The positive relationship between BDF and the corporate sector was praised for its ability to drive change and create successful outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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The Workplace Adjustment Survey: Lucy Ruck discussed BDF’s recent workplace adjustment survey, which shed light on various aspects of disability inclusion in the workplace. The survey revealed that a significant percentage of participants (78%) had to initiate the process of obtaining workplace adjustments themselves, indicating a need for improvement in proactive support from line managers. Additionally, 45% of respondents expressed a desire to work in a different organization, while only 18% reported being very satisfied with their current work situation. These findings emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive work environment that meets the needs of employees with disabilities.

Language and Communication: The conversation also touched upon the importance of inclusive language and effective communication when addressing disability-related issues. BDF aims to provide guidance to its members on adopting inclusive language that encompasses a wide range of disabilities and conditions. The organization believes that clear communication is crucial for raising awareness and understanding within businesses, as well as in wider society.

Fostering Positive Conversations: The speakers emphasized the significance of maintaining a positive outlook while addressing disability-related challenges. Despite the frustrations and barriers faced by individuals with disabilities, promoting positive interactions and focusing on achievable outcomes were seen as essential for driving change. The need for resilience and understanding within the disability community and society at large was also emphasized.

Breaking Barriers and Promoting Inclusion: The discussion concluded by highlighting the ongoing struggle to bring disability inclusion to the forefront of mainstream events and conversations. While progress has been made, it was acknowledged that disability remains underrepresented in many arenas. BDF, along with other organizations and individuals, continues to push for greater representation and recognition of disability issues, advocating for positive change within the business sector and beyond.

The conversation between Lucy Ruck, Antonio Santos, Neil Milliken, and Debra Ruh showcased the importance of collaboration, positive conversations, and inclusive practices in promoting disability inclusion. BDF’s approach to working with corporate brands and providing resources has been instrumental in driving change. The workplace adjustment survey findings highlighted the need for improved support and satisfaction among employees with disabilities. By fostering positive conversations and breaking down barriers, BDF and other organizations are striving to create a more inclusive and equitable future for individuals with disabilities.

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