The market potential of the Industrial Metaverse is estimated to reach around $100 billion in 2030.

Antonio Santos
2 min readApr 5, 2023

Have you heard of the “Industrial Metaverse”? Siemens and MIT Technology Review have just released a new document exploring the potential of this concept to revolutionize the industrial sector.

Evolution And Convergence Of Key Technologies Will Enable The Industrial Metaverse.

The industrial metaverse could allow new forms of collaboration and innovation by creating a virtual shared space where people can interact in real-time. The paper suggests that technologies such as 5G, edge computing, and virtual and augmented reality could be leveraged to create this virtual space.

The possibilities are endless – imagine teams working on complex projects from anywhere in the world. Digital models of equipment and machinery can be used to interact. However, the authors also acknowledge the challenges associated with creating an industrial metaverse, including the need for interoperability standards and data privacy and security concerns.

Collaboration between industry stakeholders and technology providers will be key to overcoming these challenges and realizing the full potential of the industrial metaverse. This document provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of the industrial sector. It highlights the importance of using technology to drive growth and innovation. I highly recommend reading it to learn more about this exciting concept!

What steps do you recommend industry stakeholders take to ensure interoperability, data privacy, and security in creating and implementing the industrial metaverse?

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Source: Compiled by MIT Technology Review Insights, 2023.



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